Can zend be turned off?

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Greetings all.

Is there a way to turn off the zend code that comes with php so that I
can see if some errors we are getting are coming from there?

I can't find anything in install docs or in php.ini

Ann Cantelow

Re: Can zend be turned off? wrote:
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Turning of the Zend engine, means that PHP won't be parsed anymore and your
source will served as plain text, so be careful!

When using Apache, go to the AddModule line in the httpd.conf file, which
points to the PHP module, comment it and restart the server.

You can also disable the engine directive (engine = Off) in the php.ini


Re: Can zend be turned off?

Thanks.  I didn't realize it was so integral to php itself.   I'll look
for other things to check.


Re: Can zend be turned off?

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What errors are you getting? I've never gotten an error from the Zend
engine, just my typos :)


Re: Can zend be turned off?

Thanks for the interest-
I'm getting intermittent apache crashes saying "child pid (nn) exit
signal Arithmetic exception (8)" in the error log since the day and
hour I installed a new php-4.3.10 upgrade with gd added.  I've found
some float handling errors in the php test suite, even with gd and
mysql and all extras except zlib removed from the config. An associate
suggested checking out zend.

I've been compiling with the native Tru64 compiler.  I'm going to try
gcc next- and I'm finding compiling that is an adventure too.
Interestingly, there was a float.h declaration missing somewhere in gcc
that I needed to add to continue compiling it.  

Thanks again,

Re: Can zend be turned off? wrote (in part):
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I believe there is an update to ZEND that has to be used when you
update PHP.  I've seen this discussion in other forums, which I can't
seem to find right now...


Re: Can zend be turned off?

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I find that if you re-install a new version of PHP, or even the
same version of PHP compiled with slightly different options, and
you don't stop and restart apache ("apachectl graceful" doesn't do
the job), apache will dump core fairly soon after the installation.
Sometimes it will spawn children which dump core immediately, leaving
the main process running but doing nothing useful.  This observation
comes mainly from FreeBSD but has also been seen on Tru64.  Once
you restart apache, it's fine again until you start reinstalling
stuff used as a shared library or plugin by apache.

This isn't limited to apache and PHP, either.  Just about any
daemon process (mysql, snmpd, exim, sendmail, etc.) seems to do it.

                        Gordon L. Burditt

Re: Can zend be turned off?

Actually, I've been unable to install the dso lib without stopping
apache altogether first.  Otherwise I get a "text busy" message from my
Tru64 OS.  So, that one's covered in this case.

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