Can't unset $_GET

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I'm biting my nails on this for several days now, hope that someone of  
you can help me...:

On my page, the user can display tables, created out of a database. So I  
have several <a href> links to display the various tables. They all look  
something like:

<a href=this_page.php?table=mytable1>the first table</a>
<a href=this_page.php?table=mytable2>the second table</a>
<a href=this_page.php?table=mytable3>the third table</a>


so the user clicks on a link and gets the table. now, when he goes back  
to the main page, and chooses another link, he always returns to the  
initial table, because the $table variable is still somehow "active"

I tried to unset the $_GET array at the start of the code of the main  
page, but still it does not work. When i do a print_r($_GET) before and  
after the unset, it shows me that in the $_GET array exists before the  
unset, but is away after the unset, so everything should be fine.

But why does the $table variable still remain in the system?!?

Please help, I'm totally stuck!!!

thanks a lot,

Re: Can't unset $_GET

(un)register globals
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Re: Can't unset $_GET

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You should be looking at $_GET['table'], not $table.
And turn off register_globals.

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Don't even try this.  Altering the $_GET array is a lot like trying
to resurrect someone by retouching their X-rays:  editing a copy
does not alter the original.

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Consider $_GET read-only, since the browser does not get to see the
modified copy.

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Because the browser sends it again (as $_GET['table'], hopefully
not as $table).  I'm not sure you have shown enough detail to
determine why.  The fact that you are using links relative to the
current page might have something to do with it.

                        Gordon L. Burditt

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