Can't read form variables after reinstalling Apache

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I reinstalled Apache (2.0.52) and added the appropriate lines to run
php scripts to the bottom of the httpd.conf file. The scripts run fine
(for example, 'print "Hello!"' yields "Hello!" rather than displaying
all of the code (which would occur if the php script wasn't being
processed by php.exe first). However, variables passed from a form are
read as null/empty. Any idea why, and/or how I can fix this? I found
it hard to believe that there would ever be a configuration setting
for that kind of thing (since it's the 'meat and potatoes' of
server-side web scripting), but I looked through the httpd.conf file
extensively nonetheless and could find nothing that looked like it
could be set to adjust for this. I'm having the same problem now when
I install it on my Linux system as well.

thanks for any help/advice


Re: Can't read form variables after reinstalling Apache

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<? phpinfo(); ?>

Direct your form to another page with only this line and check if you get
$_REQUEST, $_POST or $_GET -variables of any kind. If you dont find your
values anywhere in those, then maybe its your form or also check those
register_globals, gpc etc. etc.

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