can't install xdebug [mac php entropy version]

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I have been trying to install xdebugger on a Mac running apache 1.3.
I installed the latest version of PHP from entropy web site.  I don't
have pecl.  When I do sudo pecl install xdebug I get pecl command
doesn't exist ....  There is a pecl shell script in the /usr/local/
php5/bin directory where there is also a pear shell script but I don't
know what it is for.  The only pecl information on my php_info() page
was about sqlite.  I'm not sure why it is listed under sqlite because
isn't it for PHP?  I am using mysql not sqlite.  There pearcmd.php and
peclcmd.php scripts are in the /usr/local/php5/lib/php directory.
Pear works a little but that is another issue.

SQLite support    enabled
PECL Module version     2.0-dev $Id: sqlite.c,v 2007/05/19
17:58:22 iliaa Exp $
SQLite Library     2.8.17
SQLite Encoding     UTF-8

In any case I followed the instructions for the xdebug tarball listed
below.  I did it exactly like the instructions said several times.  I
don't see the xdebug extension on the php_info() page where it is
supposed to be.  Where would it be listed?  I assume at the bottom
alphabetically.  I restarted apache and I don't see it.  In the /usr/
local/php5/lib/php/extensions there is a file.  There is
also a
no-debug-non-zts-20060613  which is presumably from the entropy

Do you have any suggestions what to do next?  I don't think there
would be something about installing the entropy version that would
conflict with xdebug.  Possibly I did somethign wrong in the
installation but if so I don't know what it is.

---------xdebug installation instructions----------

and install PHP from a source tarball first, as these script are
by-products of the PHP compilation and installation processes. It is
important that the source version matches the installed version as
are slight, but important, differences between PHP versions.

Once you have access to "phpize" and "php-config", do the following:

1. Unpack the tarball: tar -xzf xdebug-2.x.x.tgz.  Note that you do
not need to unpack the tarball inside the PHP source code tree.
Xdebug is compiled separately, all by itself, as stated above.

2. cd xdebug-2.x.x

3. Run phpize: phpize
   (or /path/to/phpize if phpize is not in your path).

4. ./configure --enable-xdebug (or: ../configure --enable-xdebug
   --with-php-config=/path/to/php-config if php-config is not in your

5. Run: make

6. cp modules/ /to/wherever/you/want/it

9. Write a PHP page that calls "phpinfo();" Load it in a browser and
   look for the info on the xdebug module.  If you see it, you have



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