can't get return value from COM in PHP5

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I am running into problems obtaining the return value of a method I
have in a COM+ DLL.

I have the following code snippet:

STDMETHOD(add)(long num1, long num2, long* result);

STDMETHODIMP CsampleApp::add(long num1, long num2, long *result)
    *result = num1 + num2;

    return S_OK;

I wrote a PHP script to invoke this method. It can't get the new value
from this function.

echo "Call Com Object<br>";
$instance = new COM("sampleApp.SimpleCom");

$instance ->test(1, 2, $returnValue);
echo "Return should be: " . $returnValue;


I am getting $returnValue = 0 instead of 3.

I have tried using Variants but that is not going well.  I am hoping
someone may be able to assist me.

Thank you in advance.

Re: can't get return value from COM in PHP5

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Could it be because... the method name in your COM component is "add"
but you are calling a method "test" in your PHP instance? Or possibly
because you need to pass $returnValue by reference (ie &$returnValue)
because it's supposed to be a pointer? Or maybe both?


Re: can't get return value from COM in PHP5

Hi Steve,

Thanks for replying.  The method name difference is a typo on my part.
Sorry about that.

I tried passing $returnValue by reference but the value is still 0
instead of 3.


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