Can't find php.ini!

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I have a problem with my linux apache+php installation. I don't know
much about linux and it appears a real nightmare for me every time I
need to change anything.
When I look at the file generated by phpinfo() function it says
php.ini is in /usr/local/lib folder, but it isn't there!
If I look for the file with the linux find command, it finds only 3
files on the whole disk:
(find ./ -name *php.ini or find ./ -name php.ini*)
I need to do some changes in the PHP settings file. What can I do.
Thanks for any help.

Re: Can't find php.ini!

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Theoretically, AFAIK it's possible to have NO php.ini (everything to the  
default). What if you just create the file & add some non-default settings?
Rik Wasmus

Re: Can't find php.ini!

On May 5, 9:07 am, wrote:
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Copy php.ini-recommended into /usr/local/lib/php.ini, make any changes
you want, then restart Apache.

Re: Can't find php.ini! a écrit :
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Depends on your system, but you may use (for instance) locate (and
updatedb to update the location db) to find any file. It includes
wildcards, so "locate php.ini" is your friend.

As for the answer, just like the other said, you may just use all
default values and have no php.ini. So use the defaults ones copied as
php.ini and then do your changes.


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