Can't find MySQL extensions (PHP as CGI)

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Yesterday I did a fresh install of Apache 2, PHP5 as CGI and MySQL 4 on  
Apache and PHP work fine, MySQL works fine in the command line, but I  
can't have PHP to find the MySQL extensions.

I installed phpMyAdmin, and this is how I found out that PHP didn't find  
the extensions because I got this error message:

"PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:/Arquivos de  

I googled for this error message, and I didn't find anything useful  
because it seems that I don't have an extensions folder (?!)

I searched for php_mysql.dll on my computer and I didn't find it. Did I  
forget to install extensions or something?

These are the folders of the PHP installation folder:

  - sessiondata
  - uploadtemp

And these are the files:

  - IISConfig.exe
  - install.txt
  - license.txt
  - php5ts.dll
  - php-cgi.exe

It seems to me that there are files or folders missing...


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