CAN I Include a Remote File in my filesystem ?

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Hello, I did a rough search on the web on how to include remote files. But  
most of what I found was inappropriate. Anyway ...
What I want to do is create a configuration file wich will have all the DB  
connection settings and other sensitive information ( and be  
a able to access it within the server AND from a remote server... (e.g. I  
want have all the website settings in my machine but the website is hosted  
elsewhere) or I want to restrict access of my confiuration file from the  
hosting company.

There are two cases that I am looking at.... :
1. The file is located in another webserver and can be  
accessed from the
2. The is located outside the web accessible folder (and that  
is the most preferable way of doing it) e.g /home/config_includes/

I would appreciate if you can give me examples of how and If I can do  


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