Can anyone explain PHP slowing down please ?

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I'm using PHP 5 on Win-98 command line (ie no web server involved)

I'm processing a large csv file and when I loop through it I can process  
around 275 records per second.  

However at around 6,000 records this suddenly drops off to around 40  
records per second.

This is a big problem as the "live" list is over 4 million records long.
I'd break it up but this is to be a regular test so that would be messy
to say the least -

Each record is 8 fields & total length tends to be below 200 characters  
CSV is comma and ""

I was wondering if anyone with strong PHP knowledge has heard of this or  
could help explain it please (As you probably know I'm very new to PHP)

I've trimmed the startup code to pseudocode to make it easier to read.
Otherwise my code is as below:

Sorry if line wrap is wrong - that would be my newsreader not the code

As you can see the code grabs a field from the database - spawns a  
windows (msdos command line) .exe file to test it and writes the field  
out to either a good or bad result file.  

I dont do any file seeking or open and closing of files during the loop.


------------------------------ CODE START ------------------


//+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ PSeudocode start
open all new files for appending here (fopen($fin, 'a');)
open database for read-only here
Initialise all variables to 0 here

get start-time
get end-time
close all files here
// +++++++++++++++++++++++++PSeudocode End

function loop()  {
 while (($data = fgetcsv($fin, 1024, ",", "\"")) !== FALSE) {
    if($data == '') { continue; }  
    if (count($data) != $fields )  { $fields = count($data);  
$dif_fcount++; }  
    if ($data[2] == '') { $data[2] = 'NO DATA' ; $nodata++; }
    $raw = $data[7];
    $star = "\"" . ($data[2]) . "\"";
    $star = $raw ;
  if (checkit($star) == false) {
     fwrite($fout, $records . "," . $raw . "\r");
     $bad += 1;    
  } else {
     fwrite($fgood,$star . "\r");
     $good += 1;
  $total += 1;
   echo("Total checked: " . $total . "\r" );  
  } //while

function checkit($star) {
   exec("declination.exe " . $star  , $aout, $returnval);
   if ($aout[0][0] === "Y") {
      return true;  
    } else {  
      return false;  

Re: Can anyone explain PHP slowing down please ?

ps - yes I know about the $star/$raw data confusion etc. that will be  
debugged later.


Re: Can anyone explain PHP slowing down please ? wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

A slow down of this magnitude typically points to some system-related  
bottleneck rather than an algorithmic one. Have you checked the  
processes' virtual memory use? I would suspect that you are starting to  
swap around the 6,000th record.

If not, I would start to place finer-grained time information around the  
major I/O points (fgetcsv, fwrite) to see if they are causing the slow down.

On a stylistic note, why do you use $x++ in some places and $x += 1 in  
others? Also, the checkit function could use the trinary compare operator:

function checkit($star) {
    exec('declination.exe '.$star, $aout, $returnval);
    return ($aout[0][0] === 'Y');

and 'if( $checkit($star) == false ) {' could become
'if( ! $checkit($star) ) {'

However, I don't think any of these would contribute to your slow down  


Re: Can anyone explain PHP slowing down please ? says...
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks for the comments david - I've run this on both windows and linux  
now and the linux system I ran through apache - I get the same results on  
that too (very similar but not identical)  (The linux box is entirely  
different hardware) - I'll post timing differences later - they're  
outrageous !!!

I've also run the windows version with apache too now and still get the  

I've tried removing my call to the executable replacing it with a simple  
return and it still slows down.  

Looking at what you suggest - could it be that the fgetcsv command is  
searching from the top of the file on every itteration?  
I dont cause it to - but if thats how it works ?    

I have discovered a windows loss of 2Mb of system memory for every run -  
thats either a windows or PHP problem I dont know which - probably  
windows and I dont think its connected to the slowdown.  

If this isnt obvious to anyone I guess the only thingI can do is start  
taking things out one by one starting with your suggestions.

On the memory side - no it all(suprisingly) seems to happen in ram - even  
the test database file of 1 million records seems to go straight to ram.  
There's no thrashing or anything (The win-98 system has 1Gb ram - the  
linux system just 128Mb)

On the style front - Dave you wouldn't believe my working methods!  
In my time I've used maybe 7 languages in anger and currently I use 3 or  
4 so I'm in and out of them all the time - things get mixed up in my  
I always do a "comment" sweep when I'm done and tidy things up for this  
very reason but sometimes I do use  ++x and += 1 because it helps me  
remember whats going on and what I need to keep an eye on. (I have a bad  
short term memory problem) My "if" statements and other stuff follow the  
same routine for the same reasons - there is method in my madness - you  
just have to be mad too to see it...  
This particular code has been messed about with quite badly too as I try  
to find the problem.

I care more about function not fancy -  most PHP style I've seen is  
abysmal anyway - the standard style reccomended is appaling. I'm not a  
fan of the way most people code - nor of the way many languages work for  
that matter. Anything other than Forth is bad form in my book ;-)

As for the trinary operator - its a terrible construct for anyone who  
doesn't use it regularly or anyone looking at someone elses code so I  
avoid it.  



Re: Can anyone explain PHP slowing down please ?

I wouldn't be surprised at all if PHP was loading the whole file into
memory or scanning from start to finish every fgetcsv() call.  Checking
the C source code would give better insight.

there are also a couple functions that will tell you the current memory
usage by PHP.  Putting those in for each iteration might give some
insight into if its running out of memory.

Maybe it is the data confusion the function, too?  Unescaped quote,
missing newline, too long of a line, etc.  Something like that might
confuse the fgetcsv() function. wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Re: Can anyone explain PHP slowing down please ? says...
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Thanks Richard - I looked at windows memory usage but never thought about  
PHP itself - it does have a limit in the .INI file I think... I'll take a  

It isnt connected to the data (the csv file itself is decoded perfectly)  

I've now run the process with just the drop to shell and return back  
and it still slows down both on windows and linux so it is looking like
the fget function... or the loop ...(stack overflow bug?) for a while I  
thought maybe it was windows but it doesn't seem to be.  I changed it to  
fgets and get the same result so that would seem to rule out the CSV  
decoding part too.

I'm going to try just an empty file read loop but the trouble with that  
is it probably isnt going to show up as it wont be doing any work. ;-(

There also seems to be a massive "flush" of something about 20 seconds  
after the PHP code ends which slows windows down to a crawl for about 3  
seconds - again I don't know what that is yet. Could be windows.

The other thing I've just discovered is PHP is taking 94% of processor  
usage and I can't seem to change its priority in windows with the tool I  
normally use for that. The number changes but PHP doesn't respond.

Can PHP be controlled for that - I dont remember reading anything in the  
docs. 94% is way over the top - my real time TV capture device only uses  

PHP seems to have a default priority of 8 which is normal so this is  
somewhat confusing too as it refuses to release to other apps.

This one is another application killer if I can't sort it ...  


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