Can anybody recommend nucleus cms for a blog?

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Hi there,

I am currently in a process of searching a blog software for a
relaunch on two of my domains. The software should fit these

produce valid (x)html which can be used for accessible web-pages
(usable for blind people).

support multiple blogs that are easy to maintain on different domains
who are located on the same shared webserver.

clean and mostly proper PHP-code (I don't want to use WordPress
because most plugins are not programmed properly and I don't want to
spend a lot of time fixing bugs)

programmed in PHP (therefore I can't use MovableType).

active developer team and support forum where I can find help and
discuss problems and development issues.

I found, that Nucleus CMS ( /) will meet my
needs in most points. I could not find any obvious bugs in the code
and all plugins that I installed so far worked fine.

So maybe somebody out here is using this software too and can give me
advise if I should be aware of issues that I haven't found already. I
am also a little bit concerned about security, so if anybody have
found security issues with the software, I would like to learn about

Best Regards


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