"Call to undefined function pg_query_params() ..."

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     To start off, I'm running Apache 2.0.54, PostgreSQL 8.0.3 and PHP  
5.0.3 on Windows XP and yes, libpq.dll is my system32 directory.
     I'm trying to do some queries using pg_query_params(), but I keep  
getting a fatal error, which is in the subject. I'm not sure what's  
going on, though. The functions pg_connect() and plain, old pg_query()  
work fine, and the PHP Manual says pg_query_params() is indeed in PHP 5  
with no indication that it may even be experimental, but... no luck.
     Is the PHP manual wrong, or can someone shed a little more light on  
my situation?

- R.Lange

Re: "Call to undefined function pg_query_params() ..."

Ryan Lange wrote:
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     Bah. I should've waited just 5 more minutes...

http://www.issociate.de/board/post/205424/Does_php/postgres_support_placeholder 's?.html

     Turns out the PHP manual is wrong. Apparently pg_query_params() is
not in any current release, though it *may* be in CVS. Poo...

- R.Lange

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