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I have been solving algorithms with php, just to get practice. But my
new company
asked to do the following program in php, msql within 6 hours which I
have got stuck.
The task is as follows:


"make  a calendar using php and mysql where user can insert some
and then see the day event."

I thought of doing a calendar on the browser where, in each cell there
is a button.
If button is clicked then a new textbox that imputes some message from
the user
and stores it in the mysql.

I don't know weather the above idea is possible.

Can any one give me a idea  to approach the above problem?
Any link for UI in php? Is php event driven?

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Re: calendar program (help)

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No, it's not.  It's a server-based scripting language.  It can be  
integrated into the Apache web server or be a command-line program from  
a shell.  

You can do the calendar display with tables and links with some sort of  
signup to allow for _who's_ calendar you're updating.  They click on the  
day # in the calendar to have it display the page with the events of  
that day along with a form to add or delete events.  

Should be simple to code, but not in 6 hours.  I think your time at this  
new company may be coming to an end.

DeeDee, don't press that button!  DeeDee!  NO!  Dee...

Re: calendar program (help)

You might want to look into an open-source app called PHP Calendar.

Good luck!


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