Calculating some formulas from database data

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I am doing a project on beetle diversity and need to calculate a few  
diversity indices for a load of data i have collected. I thought that  
maybe i could make a program in php to do that for, and save a bit of  
time (as well as prevent calculation errors). I imagine this could be  
quite a bit of programming but i have dreamweaver to help me.
Now what i have is a MySQL database full of data on beetle diversity  
with the following tables:

Date - the date the sample is from
Habitat - one of 9 habitats that i am testing between (ie. grass,  
stones, birch woodland, etc)
Replica - ie 'Repeats', there were two replicas for each habitat from  
each date (A and B)
Trap number - from each replica there were 6 traps
Species - the species of beetle that was found in the trap (of course  
there are often more than one per trap)
Number of Individuals - the number of individuals of that species  
found in that trap

What i need to do is calculate Shannon-Weiner, Shannon Equitability  
and Margalefs Diversity indices for each replica from each date for  
each habitat (the data for the individual traps will be merged  
I have an idea of how to do it but what i am stumbling at is how to  
create a recordset which will calculate the total number of  
individuals for that species from that replica, date & habitat (I) and  
calculate the number of different species for that replica, date &  
habitat (S). Once i have S and I i should be able to write the formula  
in php to create the indices.
Ideally this could be done in a way to allow for each repeating areas  
to be assigned so that all of the indices for that habitat (for each  
date and replica) could be shown on one page (to save a lot of  

Anyone know of a good way of going about this, any help will be  
greatly appreciated.

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Re: Calculating some formulas from database data

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