Caching MySQL Search Query & Results

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I'm developing a site that may eventually have a very large database of  
users (hopefully, but who knows).  It will be a community website where  
users can search each other (think Friendster, Classmates, every dating site  
out there, etc.).

Often there will be queries with multiple joins and sometimes may include a  
few fulltext searches.  Each page of results will have a limited number of  
results displayed (obviously).  As I understand it, MySQL caches only exact  
queries, so doing a LIMIT (x,y) on each query to get results for the  
specific page will cause MySQL to run the entire query again, instead of  
pulling from the cache.  I will limit the results to 1000, but what's the  
best way to limit results per page?

I was thinking that I could run the SELECT and LIMIT to 1000, then do a  
mysql_data_seek to jump to the starting row for the page and fetch a certain  
number of rows for the page.  For each page, the exact same SELECT would be  
used and therefore the results would be cached.

Also, how should I save the search query?  The users will be searching with  
any number of search terms,  way too many to do use GET variables.  I don't  
want to create a hidden form with each search term as hidden inputs (for  
one, that's kind of lame).  I was thinking of saving the search query to the  
database, I guess I could implode the POST array into a string and then save  
it in the db.

Any suggestions for either of these issues that might work better?  Any help  
would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Caching MySQL Search Query & Results

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What you would probably want to do is store the information in a  
serialized array in a file and limit it down from there.  However this  
is a massively intense data operation.  You might want to think about  
simply doing a select per each page.


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