caching+file locking

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I've configured apache to fetch filename.htm if user requests
filename.htm. But if filename.htm does not exist, apache will call

Now, index.php will generate a page, buffer it using ob_start and then
save it as filename.htm (thus, effectively filename.htm is cached as
file on server hard disk)

Every 10 minutes a cron job deletes filename.htm

So all users requesting filename.htm would be served with the static
version if it exists, otherwise a latest dynamic version created by

Any comments about using this type of caching technique..? Any
concurrent read/write problems that anyone foresees?


Re: caching+file locking

siliconmike wrote:
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   Obviously, locking is the major issue with file based caching
solutions. The workaround is swap file technique--but that will consume
more space.

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