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I am designing a website for our college students to buy and sell
things on this site. It is supposed to be a non commercial website.

I want to write the code in php as my college website also uses php. I
am very new to php but am good at programming languages such as c, c+
+,pascal, etc. Also I know html.

I am learning php from the book "Programming PHP" by Rasmus Lerdorf
and Kevin Tatroe. Please tell whether this book is the best place to
start learning, although I have read 2 or 3 chapters and am able to
understand it well.
I also have another book called "Beginning  PHP5, Apache, MuSQL Web
development". It is a WROX book. Please tell which one would be

Also, I would like to know some kind of mechanism that would stop
students to type in abusive or irrelevent content on the website while
they enter the description of what they want to sell.


Re: buy and sell website

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Read them both - why do you think you have to choose?

More importantly write some code - the milestone you've set yourself
is quite a big one - try something simpler.

Don't attempt to process payments until you really know what you're

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Tricky - I'd point out how to avoid this but tis starting to sound
like 'Can you do my homework for me'. Look for ways to make the users
accountable - you'll never be able to automatically filter all abuse -
e.g. 'Prof. Xyz mates with dead sheep' or 'Buy (misspelt drug name) at' is going to be pretty hard to spot.


Re: buy and sell website

sid wrote:
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Commerce IS "buying and selling" Doh!

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Hang them. This stops their foul little mouths.

Or move to a secular country where its simply so much of a non issue
that they get bored with 4 letter words.

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