Building a binary 'string' with PHP

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I am working with a communications protocol that requires me to pack an  
array of integers into a binary 'string'.

Let's say I have this:

int[0] = 0x1234
int[2] = 0x5678
int[3] = 0x9abc
int[4] = 0xdef0

I have to produce a string containing

0x 12 34 56 78 9a bc de f0

and send it off.  The string contains the ints packed together in  
big-endian order: HI LO HI LO HI LO.

In C, I can do this pretty easily, but I am not familiar enough with  
PHP's data handling.  I don't even know where to begin.

I know PHP can do it, since it handles images but how do you build  
something like this from scratch?  How can you build a string byte by byte?


Re: Building a binary 'string' with PHP

Try  pack('n*', 0x1234, 0x5678, 0x9abc, 0xdef0)

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