bugs in the PHP Auth library

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I've recently started integrating PHP Auth (http://php.rufy.com /) into  
my PHP application. I've had a few problem with it though: I've fixed  
two bugs, one of which was quite glaring - it basically stopped  
authentication working at all once you were logged in - such an obvious  
bug that I don't know how the author didn't have problems with it  
themself. Anyway, an email I sent to the author's address listed on the  
web page went answered, so I'm wondering if anyone else has had problems  
with PHP Auth? If it's really as buggy as this (and I'm not doing  
something stupid) I'll seek an alternative as my trust in this lib has  

Has anyone else used PHP Auth before? Also have problems?

Can anyone suggest a good alternative? I could always roll my own login  
system of course...

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