buffered data error with SOAP requests

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I'm getting the following warning on every soap request I make:

Warning: SoapClient::__doRequest() [function.--doRequest]: 1 bytes of
buffered data lost during stream conversion! in <path\file.php> on line

When the request is between two different machines.  When the soap call
is made to a wsdl on the same machine as the client with the same code
there is no warning.  The expected data is returned and everything
works (and no data seems lost), but the warnings are annoying.

I haven't posted any code because it's happening with a large number of
soap requests on different wsdl files.  I'm assuming it's some kind of
systemic problem.  Any ideas?

Re: buffered data error with SOAP requests

We figured this out, if anyone else ever gets it.  The problem is the
soapserver file, which was created on a windows machine, had trailing
spaces at the end some lines of code.  When I tested locally on my
windows machine it just ignored them, but when I deployed the files to
a linux machine it dropping the space then reporting there was a 1 byte
difference in what it expected in the response.

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