browser back button/caching and php

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Can the browser back button or browser caching be turned on or off via php?

Thanks, Mike  

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Re: browser back button/caching and php

Michael G wrote:

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Well, you can send caching directives, through PHP if you  
like, asking for the response to be kept out of caches, yes;  
but that's not the same as turning browser caching off.

As to 'Back' buttons, or history lists, here's HTTP/1.1's  
position (emphasis theirs):

| By default, an expiration time does not apply to history
| mechanisms.  If the entity is still in storage, a history
| mechanism SHOULD display it even if the entity has expired,
| unless the user has specifically configured the agent to
| refresh expired history documents.

And as to what happens with 'Back' buttons in practice, YMMV.


Re: browser back button/caching and php

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If you can get the PHP to run on the same machine as the browser it may be
possible to manipulate the config file :)

Manipulating the browser needs to be done using a language that the browser
can see like html or javascript.


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