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I got an annoying problem using the POST-method to send a form's data:

I put a login-form on the page which is sent by the POST-method to itself.
After that the content of the POST-variables will be checked
(!empty($_SESSION['xyz'])) and the rest of the page included.
In order to show some informations (e.g. "Welcome John Doe") and becoming
independent of specific POSTs, the data is also written to
Now if I go to another page (by link) and after that back to the login-page
by the browser's "back"-button, it cannot be displayed ("The page cannot be
Only if I actualize the page it is displayed regularly.
I know that this problem doesn't appear by using the GET-method, but because
of security reasons I have to use POST.
So what can I do to fix that problem?
I don't want to disable the browsers back-button (or use some JavaScript).

Thanx very much in anticipation!!

Re: Browser back after POST

When you submit the form, you are sending POST variables. When you click on
a link after submitting your form, you are taken to that link. Now, when you
click the back button, you are taken back - not to the original page - but
to the target page of your login form (which may happen to be your original
page, I don't know). The difference is that the page expects POST variables.
Because you are not supplying any, it displays nothing. There are two
solutions for you:

1. In your script, if there are no POST variables set, you should display
the original page as usual (I suspect that you do not, or do not have a
handler for this state)
2. Use a header("location: original_page.html");exit(); after you process
your POST variables. This will ensure that the target of your form is never
a displayed page on the client.


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Re: Browser back after POST

Bernd Kohler wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
maybe it is possible to include a half-way page:
[enter-data-page] -> [confirm enter, automatcally reroute page
(processes POST data)] -> [normal page] <--> [other pages]
As you can see, the page processing the post data is not called upon again.

Re: Browser back after POST

Following on from Bernd Kohler's message. . .
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Not an actual answer, but this is the sort of thing where you could
usefully try a number of browsers to see the variety of ways they react.

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