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first of all I like to say that I=B4m brazilian and my english isn=B4t
very good...well...I have a real estate web application, and in this
application I have some filters to search a property, like numbers of
dormitory, kind of property(apartment, ground,rural,house,...). I
would like something like this:

Apartment  > 2 dormitory > For Sell > $2.000.00,00 > ....

I want to know, how is the best practice to do this...Do I have to use

Thanks for helps and sorry about my poor english...

Re: Breadcumb trail filters

raf4net wrote:
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Sessions is one way you could do it.  It's pretty easy to implement.

And don't worry about your English - it's better than some Americans'! :-)

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Re: Breadcumb trail filters

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You don't need sessions. If you consider the website as a tree with
the results at the leaves you just need to list the nodes between the
current position and the root.

If on the other hand there are multiple routes to the leaves then you
need to model it based on the active parameters at the time when the
user arrives at the leaf. In this case its simpler to use sessions and
to maintain a stack of the filtering operations applied in previous


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