borken imge.. at the first time..refresh the image.. ok

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Hi there

I have one problem regarding broken image..
The problem is quite mystery..

It's happen to other user pc only (the page that we browse reside at
the same server)..not at my pc.. it never happen..
When other user go to the url. the face the broken image at the first
and need to refresh  their browser .. in order to see the image..
this is the e.g of the code..

echo "<img src=\" \">";

for your information

I'm using php to code my site but for the image..
it located at ASP server.

I had diagnos this problem  quite a long times..
first the server not down during viewing the image
second: I also try split the code just to print the image but.. the
image still broken...

any one can suggest.. what is the problem
Thanks.. in advance for sharing your ideas


Re: borken imge.. at the first time..refresh the image.. ok

okies this site develop at intranet so .. url does not worth it to give
but i'll share some part of the code

for the right headers..
is it can be put in .. in the html pages which also contaiin text
because if we set the header to image it will not return the text.. if
i'm not mistaken..

okies this is the code.
echo "<img src=\" \">";

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