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I need to find a blog software that requires users to login before they
view the blog.  It would be real handy if this feature was rolled into
the program so it could be turned on or off -

Apache/php/mysgl/linux based a real plus!

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Re: blog software with login

Michael W. Folsom wrote:
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For blogging you can use Wordpress ( ) To make your blog
password protected, you can use apache's .htaccess files. Or you can
install this wordpress hack /

Re: blog software with login

Well, it's fine to ask that.

But in my view, the bigger issue is that it's pretty key to know
whether you are going to go with a hosted solution like Blogger.Com or
via one that you maintain yourself on your own website. That's pretty
key to decide before you start because otherwise it gets pretty tough
to change over.

Blogs are a subject that is both easy and complex at the same time;
easy to get going with fast, but complex to do right from a marketing
point of view.

In terms of resources that discuss the inner secrets of both Blogging
and RSS, I recently bought the Stephen Pierce course on the subject and
find it to be quite excellent in terms of specific advice and ideas
that you might not think of otherwise.

You can find details about this resource at:

Either way, you'd do best to learn up about the subject in general
before committing to a specific system, and then regretting it laster.
The Pierce course gives some pretty specific recommendations about


Asoka Selvarajah

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