Big upload support *always* eats memory?

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Hi.  I am curious if a configuration that would allow (for example)
200MB file upload size, has the implication that the PHP memory
footprint is very large at ALL times?

This is for a client wishing to "very occasionally" require these huge

Not long ago, we set up for 40mb and it looked like ps/top and other
memory reporting utilities showed apache using a much larger memory
segment than before.

We could afford 40mb but 200 is going to cause a shortfall,
theoretically anyway.

Apache 1.3.x and PHP 4.3.3 (pretty sure)


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Re: Big upload support *always* eats memory?

Jerry Sievers wrote:
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Doesn't the PHP max memory setting simply allow scripts more memory if
they need it? I don't think it'll reserve all of that when the script
starts (Otherwise you'd very quickly run out of memory even with a small

Nicholas Sherlock

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