BIG PDO issues with StoredProc output params with PHP 5 and MySQL 5

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Hey everyone...
I'm having an issue with a seemingly simple piece of PHP/MySQL

I have a stored procedure in MySQL5 as such:

DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `test`.`sp_returns_string`$$
CREATE PROCEDURE `test`.`sp_returns_string`(OUT vOutput varchar(32))
     SET vOutput = 'It Worked';

And a piece of PHP that uses PDO to call the Stored Proc as such:


//First - check/load PDO!
if (!extension_loaded('pdo_mysql')) {
    // If not loaded we could try loading it manually
    $prefix = (PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX == 'dll') ? 'php_' : '';
    if (!@dl($prefix . 'pdo_mysql.' . PHP_SHLIB_SUFFIX)) {
        die('pdo_mysql unavailable');

$DB_host    = "localhost";   // the hostname of the database server
$DB_user    = "root";        // YOUR username to connect with
$DB_pass    = "password";    // YOUR user's password
$DB_dbName  = "test";        // the name of the database to connect to
$DB_dbType  = "mysqli";      // the type of database server.

$DB_Con = "mysql:host=$DB_host;dbname=$DB_dbName";
$dbOptions = array();

//Create a DB connection
$db = new PDO($DB_Con, $DB_user, $DB_pass, $dbOptions);

$return_value = '';
$stmt = $db->prepare("CALL sp_returns_string(@?)");
$stmt->bindParam(1, $return_value, PDO::PARAM_STR, 4000);
print "<br/>Returned: $return_value<br/><br/>\r\n";

This should print something like this:
PDOStatement Object ( [queryString] => CALL sp_returns_string(@?) )
Returned: It Worked!

But unfortunately it NEVER returns anything.
The Stored Proc works fine and returns the string ok, but only when I'm  
calling it from an SQL console.

The PHP PDO documentation says to use:
$return_value = '';
$stmt = $db->prepare("CALL sp_returns_string(?)");
$stmt->bindParam(1, $return_value, PDO::PARAM_STR, 4000);
Note the missing "@".
But when I do this, it complains that the parameter isn't a variable and  
the call dies.

(see: for the examples)

Any help would be great!


Re: BIG PDO issues with StoredProc output params with PHP 5 and MySQL 5

I have always used named parameters with PDO. I don't like having to rely on
the parameter order.

$stmt = $db->prepare( "SELECT foo FROM bar WHERE baz = :baz" );
$stmt->bindParam( ':baz', 123 );

Did you try using PDO with a simple query first using your @? symbol? The
problem might not be with the stored procedure, but with the parameter

Louis-Philippe Huberdeau

James wrote:

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Re: BIG PDO issues with StoredProc output params with PHP 5 and MySQL 5

Thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately using param names doesn't work either.
All Database functions seem to work perfectly "except" fro output params.
All of the examples I've found on the net point to using "?" as the  
parameter rather than "@?" (or "@:name" rather than ":name" for var names)
Unfortunately when I do this, I get :
 > ERROR CODE: 1414
 > ERROR: OUT or INOUT argument 1 for routine test.sp_returns_string is  
not a variable

Anyway, when I include the "@" it simply returns nothing...

I just can't seem to find any working examples anywhere...


Louis-Philippe Huberdeau wrote:
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