Best way to 'integrate' Google Calendar in a website

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Hi there!

I'm in needing to use GCaledar in one web-application that i've

1. Users should set many calendars as they would;
2. The calendars are shown in the pages by the iframe (the one that
the same GCalendars offers in the Customnizations page)
3. The event must be insert, edited and deleted by automated process
of my application, for example, when my user set the payment for an
invoice, it must be saved in the calendar defined by the user to be
used for the payments.

That's what i have to do..

Now, my question is, what is the best way to do it?

I've tried the GData of ZendFramework... but i have some problems.. in
first place, i'd never used neither a framework or an object-oriented
application before, i usually wrote all the code by myself using
functions... anyway, ZF seem work fine but I have'nt found many
Well, the documentation provided by ZF is vary big, but misses the
examples and some kind of 'how-to-use-this-functions' helps..
And noone answer at the programming questions on the ZF forum.

So, if i decide to use ZF, every time i have a problem i have to
resolve all by myself, but working with the code wrote by someone
else... let's keep as last chance ;)

Anyone know if there is a way to communicate and interact with Google
Calendar without the ZF library? And if yes, where can i get some
Maybe i can write my own application.. i usually consider this one as
the best way.. obviously, if i'll choose this way and i'll do that
i'll share the code.

Otherwise, anyone know any other php application that works fine with
Google Calendar?
Open source of course, if i need to fit some method to my needing the
license must let me do it.

Thanks to everyone who want to answer me and, sorry if my english is
not correct -.-

Re: Best way to 'integrate' Google Calendar in a website

oh, I did forget one important thing: the calendars used by my users
must be private..but those calendars cant be public (or at least, the
public can be an option but not a rule)
every user must create his calendar with his Google Account, then,
insert the user, password and calendars ID (or URI) on my
applications, so i must authenticate too ;)

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