Best practice to comit to repository, workin remotely

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Hi guys,

I'm having a big doubt about my new decision.

I'm runing an "home" local area network, which has two computers:
linux and win.

On the windows one, I used to have Apache, PHP, and MySQL all
together, and also a repository checked out from the linux box (I
store my repositories there).

Now, I always wanted to keep everything on the linux server and remove
the LAMP install from my win box (too many resources being used at the
same time - playing music, IM, etc).

Now, everything is in place on the linux box, and also apache and php
serves my files corectly. The problem is, in order to see the changes,
besides clicking the refresh button of my browser, I have to do extra

- edit file -> commit to repository -> refresh.

When I was on windows it was simpler and faster:

- edit file -> refresh -> and later... if I wanted... commit to

I added a SVN hook to save time, and avoid typing "svn update " every
time I commit to the linux repository, so whenever I do my commit
using the Tortoise SVN from my linux box, I can almost instantly see
the changes on my IE/FF browser.

I know there may be PHP IDE's already handling this SVN/remote editing
over ssh problem, but honestly, I don't want to spend few $ks on stuff
that won't be needed later, I don't plan to stick with PHP for a long
time. Plus, right now the process is as fast as I could think of, but
maybe there are some other ways to do it, and win some time.

Let me know what are your thoughts on this, and maybe provide some
nice practical examples on how a coder should organise his system. Is
it better if there's an LAMP enviroment setup on the local machie, or
I'm on the right track, but there's some tweaking required? :)

Also, samba... seems to do the trick, but this means an extra line
called whenever I want to commit changes, another SSH session opened,
more time spent. I honestly prefered the old way when things were
first gathered together, then, they were sent to the SVN repository on
the linux box. But.. the price was worthy: CPU usage on the win box,
and actually no use for the linux server except for acting like a
librarian, checking out code, etc. So, what do we do, what's the best

Thanks for your feedback!

Vladimir Ghetau

Re: Best practice to comit to repository, workin remotely

Vladimir Ghetau wrote:

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Use Samba the right way, mounting the samba share as a network drive, and
making your windows text editor believe that it's working against a local

Iván Sánchez Ortega -ivansanchez-algarroba-escomposlinux-punto-org- ;

Re: Best practice to comit to repository, workin remotely

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Gee, I used The Abyss (webserver), PHP, MySQL and subversion (with  
RapidSVN as frontend) on win98 on a 4GB harddisk. Never had any space  
problems. It did get a bit slow when I was developing a site while  
watching TV over the net. But off course, that is plain silly to do. I  
cannot imagine that a development machine brings that huge a load.

Anyway, deleting the development machine because you cannot play music  
is something I don't grasp.

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