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This question has been asked before, but I was unable to find a recent

I'm looking for a document management system that is open source created
with PHP & MySQL. The system minimally will support unlimited user accounts
and user groups with the ability to securely associate groups of files
together. The system should allow for easy sorting, organizing and
categorizing of files. HIPPA compliancy is required.

A simple list of known packages would help. If you have first-hand
experience with one of them, even better! I know of OWL, but haven't
actually used it.

Thanks in advance.

Re: best document management open source

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If you have HIPPA requirements, chances are you're better off with a
commercial package with support and developers.  If the Feds "come
after" the implementor and it's an Open Source solution, who do you
think they'll really go after?  Perhaps the person that setup the site...

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Re: best document management open source

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Actually my client would be held ultimately accountable (I'm just the
contractor), but either scenario is unacceptable.

I have researched several commercial packages. The biggest problem and
deal-breaker is that they have per-user licensing. My client has 100's of
outside users that need access and buying a license for each one is just not

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