Begginers question on exec() etc

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Hi All

Very new to the world of php and still slightly struggling with concept that  
its running on the server side (slow learner :O) ). My question is this, is  
it possible to run an exe on the clients machine from a php script that is  
on a web site, say if I wanted to automatically start say a game exe that  
the visitor to my site had downloaded and installed previously. Can that be  

Many thanks


Re: Begginers question on exec() etc says...

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Run a .exe file on *my* machine when I visit a web site? HAHAHAHAHA!

If that could happen what would there be to stop you from, say,  
reformatting my hard drive.

A java applet, weeeell just maybe in highly controlled circumstances.

Geoff M

Re: Begginers question on exec() etc

you could look at ActiveX also... this can do some things but you must
look at the security issues this would cause for your visitors. If i
got a notice saying this page is trying to run an exe I would close you

If you want you COULD link to the exe so long as you knew where it was
stored but this would give your users the option to Open or Save the

try <a href="file:///C:\blah.exe">click here to open your game</a>

Im not sure if browsers these days will block such behaviours (i would
think so)

Re: Begginers question on exec() etc

C16 wrote:

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Why would you want to? More importantly, why on EARTH would they want
you to? Are they too dumb to start an executable on their own machine?


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