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I'm going to start scripting with PHP. I have a good understading of
programming languages and have done it for years.

Right now I'm seeking an advice on a book that can get me started
quick and straightforward. I am a bit in tight time frame, so books
like bible php 5 won't really help me.

So thanks in advance.

Re: Begginer in PHP (Mansoor) wrote:

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Well, why not go down to your local Buns & Noodle or Borders and check
out what they have on php?  Then buy it on-line.  Clearly, you're the
best judge of what books will work for you.

I like O'Reilly's PROGRAMMING PHP and THE PHP ANTHOLOGY (both volumes),
but of course, YMMV.

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With your background, you probably don't need to buy *any* books, at least
at this time; just reading PHP's on-line manual and writing practice code
should get you up and running.  Once you're there, you might want to
consider books for further study; at that point I'd suggest you go to a
bookstore and browse a bunch of books (you'll have the right experience to
evaluate them by then).  The O'Reilly book that's been recommended by
others in this thread is, IMHO, good, though by that time you might find
that you're more interested in a "cookbook" than an introduction.

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