Batch uplaod for news site ....

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Ok, the objective of this project is to provide an ARTICLE upload
mechanism for PostNuke that will enable us to upload up to 20-40
articles at a time, assign the articles into appropriate topics and
also allow us to specify whether the article should be automatically
approved or not.

We use PostNuke 0.750.

The upload process would happen an a simple upload of a text file
containing the articles and control fields, which are separated from
each other with a particular sequence of characters.

Give us your feedback and a brief description of the possible

Regards, -php- web design

Re: Batch uplaod for news site ....

Upload the file, walk through each record (article) in the file, build
a database query to insert the article based on the record in the file,
run the query, wash, rinse, and repeat.

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