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Hello Everyone,

I use (windows, apache, mysql, php) to develop website in
PHP5 locally, then I copy on a live webserver linux. I need to created
batch job that I can schedule. I saw few things on the net but nothing
really worth while. Any idea where I should look? Ideally the code
would work both in windows environment and linux environment.

Any infos or link would be awesome.



Re: Batch Job Scheduler

Sounds like a job for php-cli, the command-line version of PHP. For very
file- or OS specific things you will have to write different code for
each platform though.

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Re: Batch Job Scheduler

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Read this:

You don't say *what* it is you need to schedule - the only other thing
you mention is publishing files to your production box, although you
provide no explanation of the mechanism you are trying to automate.

Assuming this is what you want to automate then you might find
PushSite useful ( /). It is not
being actively maintained but if it doesn't suit your purposes, there
are links to other tools which might be more suitable.

(Note MS-Windows is not really designed for batch processing, but
there is an 'at' service you can use to launch the job).


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