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I am after a basic tutorial that uses PHP to create a web page from a
text file.

All i can find it PHP tuorials that include MySql and I dont need that
just yet.  I am in urgent need of sorting this quickly and more
learning can come later.

I do have a script

that takes all the info for booking in and places it in a text file
(simulated) at

and what I need to do is get the required info across to a web page
similar to this.

Any help and advice appreciated
Regards Andy T

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Re: basic tutorial

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Re: basic tutorial

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The line that contains "<?=" may not work, depending on your PHP
configuration (whether or not you have short tags enabled, and I believe
they are disabled by default).  If this is the case, replace it with:

<?php echo readfile('somecontent.txt'); ?>

But I'm not sure that the OP was really looking for that.  Just printing the
text file verbatim isn't going to look very pretty.

Your method of storage is rather ugly, and sorting that out would be even
uglier.  There is a reason most people use MySQL: it is easy and effective
for things like this.  It would be worth your time to read at least one of
those MySQL tutorials that you mention.  In my opinion, it will take longer
to learn how to solve the current problem you have (how to parse a file that
has been stored with no meaningful format) than it will to install MySQL,
learn the 4 or 5 functions you need, and use them instead.


Re: basic tutorial

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This will also print the filesize of the file, lose the echo :)

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