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  I've read the docs on session handling but still can't figure this one  
out. I'm guessing it's a setting in php.ini or something.
  I've inherited this code from someone, and it's got a typical login/set  
session/redirect. on the live server, it works fine. on my local computer,  
it doesn't.

in the login script, the session is being created correctly, as print_r()  
shows me. but when it redirects to the next page, I get "Undefined variable:  
_SESSION" when i do a print_r on it.  I've added session_start() to that  
page, but then all I get is an empty session array.

  Here's the pertinent chunk of code i inherited in the login page:

// Start the session, register the values & redirect.
    session_name ('YourVisitID');
    //ini_set ('session.use_cookies', 0);
    $_SESSION['first_name'] = $row[1];
    $_SESSION['user_id'] = $row[0];
    header ("Location:  http://" . $root . "/photogallery/admin.php?" .  

Any of this sound like a familiar problem?

Thanks a lot.


Re: basic session question

figured this one out. it was that YourVisitID.  I didn't see any calls to  
session_start() on any of this dude's other pages, but the docs told me i  
needed it so i started putting them in, but it didn't fix it.  once i got  
rid of that session_name() call, things started working. now i understand  
what's going on.

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