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Hello. I know this is comp.lang.php but I really can't find a
specific mysql newsgroup. Can someone point one out?

It seems to me that mysql doesn't have a couple of functions for
encoding and decoding strings using base64 algorithm. I really
need it *in* mysql, not php or something else.

The reason why it's because I have some strings encoded in a
table which I need to sort so I'd need to decode them first and I
don't want to handle the sorting outside mysql because it will
make the job totally harder.

If there is any chance of finding a solution for that, i'd like
to hear about it if for example, there's a way to implement the
function in mysql somehow. I would even try to change the source
code of mysql, but that wouldn't be too nice because then I'd
have to impose a patch on everyone who would like to run the
system... :\

Thanks for any information.

Re: base64 code mysql

Kevin wrote:

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Did you consider *not* storing these strings in base64 encoded form? I think
that's your easiest solution to the problem.

phil [dot] ronan @ virgin [dot] net /

Re: base64 code mysql

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I once worked with a guy who urlencode (!) all strings going into the
database. It was his way of handling strings with quotation marks :-p

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