Bad connection / maximum execution time exceeded PHP?

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Hello all,
I am looking into issues with time-outs on a website.
These appear to happen in a random way for some users.

This is one example:

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in
[snipped_path] auth.php on line 5

auth.php contains:

1 <?php
2 // Login & Session
3 // auth.php
5 // start session
6 session_start();

auth.php gets included like this:
1 <?php include("Include/auth.php"); ?>

These timeouts occur sometimes when users from far away (China)  use  
the website.
The users are known for having an unreliable internet connection at  
I have never had these timeouts myself, and can not reproduce any of  
The timeouts seem to appear in random places spread across the site,  
there does not seem to be a pattern here.

All docs I have here on PHP say that the max execution time is only  
the time spent by the PHP interpreter, and does not include the time  
sending the data back to the user. So that would suggest there is  
something going wrong in the PHP, but I can never find anything  
related to that. In this case the error is on or close to lines that  
are comments...

My question now is:
Is there any way that a bad internet connection can cause these  
Is there something I can do to solve it, or improve it?
I do not use any output buffering in PHP now, would it make a  
difference in these cases?

Thanks already,


Re: Bad connection / maximum execution time exceeded PHP?

I guess that you're including a file that takes longer to execute,
you should check all your includes looking for a while o a connection
that takes too long, never ends or keeps idling until the script hits
the max exec time.

By the way, if you find a way to catch that kind of errors, max exec
post it, since I need a way to die elegant on that.

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Re: Bad connection / maximum execution time exceeded PHP?

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thanks for the reply, but there is nothing more to this particular  
timeout than I mentioned.
This is the only include, it gets included on the first line of the  
first php page....


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