Audio Filtering via PHP, program

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I have been tasked with trying to find a way to complete this
project... I'm not sure if it is possible, but hopefully you guys can
provide some insight...

I need to create a web application that will allow a visitor to record
their voice into an audio file, then apply different filters/effects
to it (like robot, lady, etc.), and send it to a friend. I haven't the
slightest clue where to begin on doing something such as this. I
searched google for a similar functionality, and have come up empty
handed. Has anyone seen anything like this done, or an application
that would do something like this, PHP or otherwise?

Thanks :D


Re: Audio Filtering via PHP, program

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Sounds like you are in way over your head. Unless you don't already
know a good bit about digital signal processing then walk away from
this now.

If you know how to program and would think nothing of running a socket
based server, and have a reasonable grasp of calculus then you might
be able to do something with this - but must of the guts of the
conversion should be written in C or C++ and you'll need to use flash
for the recording part.


Re: Audio Filtering via PHP, program

anndr0id wrote:

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You might be able to do the recording with a flash file, which uploads
to a server-side script to perform manipulation. This server-side
script could be a PHP script which called the command-line tool Sox
< to do the real dirty work.

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Re: Audio Filtering via PHP, program

That will work perfectly, thanks! I do have some access to a software
dev, I just wasn't sure how to capture, but flash will work well.

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