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Hi Geoff
Where you been last couple of days. Have missed your somtimes cynical replies
;). Anyway, noted in one of your postings that you run Intro to PHP classes. Is
that an online tutorial or good old "Come to my classroom and listen to me"?
Gotta confess I am struggling and sometimes way out of my depth, especially when
it comes to ereg() functions (as you may have guessed by some of my postings.)
How much do you charge and where are you based. If you dont want to post that
sort of info then give me your email address.

PS I dont moan about the error messages I simply get frustrated by them!!
Wouldn't it be nice if PHP message said:

Missing parenthesis at end of ereg() statement on line 176

instead of

Parse error. Unexpected '{' on line 176

Re: Attn: Geoff Berrow . Please read

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You might be interpeting the error incorrectly, it's not complaining
about the '{', it's complaining about a missing construct just before the
mentioned '{'

A more precize error might not be possible:


Whose ')' is missing again?

Re: Attn: Geoff Berrow . Please read

contained the following:

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Cynical?  Moi?

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It's an evening class at a the college where I am a lecturer.

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Hey, it's just an absolute beginner's class[1].  Wouldn't like the real
experts here thinking I'm getting ideas above my station.  I struggle
with regular expressions myself.  Maybe if I have to teach it, I'll
finally learn. I'm in Staffordshire, England and you should be able to
work out my email address from my sig.  I don't charge for any help I
give - I call it my contribution to the open source movement.

[1]Made even more difficult by having two deaf students and having to
work through a signing interpreter.

Geoff Berrow (put thecat out to email)
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