Attendance list in PHP??

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I would like to write a very simple PHP script, but I was hoping that
there might be someone willing to get me started. I've worked with PHP
before, but only those prefab scripts from Sorry :)

I would like to create an attendance list-page for a weekly team
meeting. So I would like to create a page with, let's say, 10 names
that shows if the individual group members will be present or not (so a
name and a red, green or orange dot indicating the attendance of that

My idea was to have two pages. A list.php showing the names and the
dots, and a adminlist.php where you can determine the color of the dots
behind the names!

Hope that this was not too vague! Is there anyone out there willing to
get me going on this script??

Many thanks,

Kind Regards,

Tom, Amsterdam

Re: Attendance list in PHP??

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Hi Tom,
It's probably best to have a MySQL backend.  So, you'll want three  
tables: events, attendees, and a linking table.  Events and attendees  
should be easy enough to figure out.

The linking table will act as linking the IDs of the attendees and  
events together, along with a status of whether they are showing up or  
not.  So, this would have three columns: event_id, attendee_id, and status.

Then, it's just a few simple MySQL queries.

Does that help?

Carl Vondrick

Re: Attendance list in PHP??

Carl Vondrick contained the following:

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That's far from simple for someone who has never actually written code.
Geoff Berrow (put thecat out to email)
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Re: Attendance list in PHP??

Geoff Berrow wrote:
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Thanks so far for the replies!
Indeed a bit too complicated. I know how to create the tables and
everything, but have no clue what to do with the MySQL queries....

Re: Attendance list in PHP?? wrote:
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I'd suggest you visit the bookstore or library and look at some books on  
MySQL and PHP.

This is a relatively simple applications - and will be a good learning  
tool.  However, the level of assistance you're requesting is really  
beyond what a newsgroup can provide.

The other alternative would be to hire a local consultant to work with  
you to help you learn how to develop the app.

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Re: Attendance list in PHP??

Geoff Berrow wrote:
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I suppose :-)

It may just be that I conceptually understand it, but I think it's still  
do-able for a beginner.  No knowledge of joins are necessary (although  
efficiency would drop).  Is there a better way of going about it?  You  
could drop the linking table, but you'll still need relationships.

My concern is that sometimes newsgroups and forums just post the  
solution and move on -- the OP never learns anything and just ends up  
and copying and pasting.  Teach! Learn! Grow!


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