atoi and similar functions?

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Could someone please let me know the equivalent of C atoi and similar  
functions?  I need to convert a hex text string - e.g. '0x01' - to its  
integer equivalent.

I also want to be able to print the contents of a binary string as its  
integer values:

$x = pack("n",0x20);
print $x;

prints one space, as 0x20 is the ascii representation for a ' '.

My C background really blinds me sometimes....


Re: atoi and similar functions?

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 hexdec after stripping off the leading '0x'?

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 I think you want unpack:

$var = chr(0x20) . chr(0x21) . chr(0x22);
print join(" ", unpack('C*', $var));

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Re: atoi and similar functions?

PHP is a loosely and dynamically typed language, so there's no need to
explicitly convert from string to integer, in most cases.

If you want to convert from hex to decimal, check out the hexdec
function. See:

To convert a binary string to an integer, you can use bindec(): See

$dec = intval(bindec($binaryString));


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