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I changed recently my hosting provider and noticed that PHP waits
until an email is sent using mail()- a big problem if the email takes
a lot of time to deliver.
The solutions I've found aren't available to me since I don't have
access to crons.
Is there any way to prevent this behaviour? Or is there any PHP.INI
setting that could change it?
Thanks in advance!

-- rui

Re: Asynchronous mail()

rui p. wrote:
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This has nothing to do with PHP.  It's all in whether your MTA queues
the outgoing mail or sends it immediately.

It's also possible that they're delaying the response to deter spammers,
but this is less likely.

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Re: Asynchronous mail()

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Not really.  The overhead of the mail() function is due to what mail
agent the ISP has setup in their php.ini file.  You don't (nor should
you) have access to change that.  

You should find another hosting provider that gives you cron and shell
access.  The one you currently have isn't really giving you very much
bang for your buck.  Dreamhost is good.

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Re: Asynchronous mail()

 I'm stuck, then :-|
 Many thanks, Michael and Jerry!

-- rui

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