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Hi all,

I'm planning on building an asset management tool for our local network.  
I have a question I would like to ask:

Is it possible to use PHP/MYSQL/JS etc. as a "metadata" structure and  
when trying to retreive a file (mostly files over a 100MB) not sending  
it over http, but use some other (faster) way for that, like calling a  
batch script or something (I understand there are security issues to be  
dealt with), but using the local network infrastructure. Or would FTP be  
an option... trying to explore all possibilities, but haven't got very  
far at this stage.

Any other suggestions or links to similar software would be great!


Re: Asset Management Questions

JHN wrote:

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Why do we need to know that the application is asset management?

It kind of depends what you are trying to achieve - what is on the client?
Can you deploy additional software client side? Which way are the files
moving? Are you looking to synchronise files or just publish them? Are you
moving files within your own LAN? Why not just mount a share from your
fileserver on your webserver (or share a dir from the webserver)?


Re: Asset Management Questions


Thanx for your reply! I don't know why mentioning that it's about asset  
management, the most important thing is that I need to move/copy large  
files over a local network, driven by an webbased interface. And have an  
check in/out system to view who's doing what.

So big files are moving to the client and when they are finished they're  
moving it back to the server. No synchronasation or versioning.
What we have now is simply a network share where people can pick up  
files, sometimes they forget to put it back or delete a file accidently.  
I would like to track who has had wich file.
So the proces would be

move file from fileserver to local drive
edit the file
move the file back to the fileserver

So I would like a more restrictive approach, and since php/mysql is more  
my cup of tea than c++, I was wondering if it can be done.

Thanx for your time!


Colin McKinnon wrote:
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