aspell question - throwing error

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I have installed aspell on windows and tested it using a simple test script.  
It does call and work properly.

I want to use a spell checker called "spellcheck" that needs aspell.  The  
script throws the following error when it tries to run:
"Error executing 'aspell -a --lang=en_US --encoding-utf-8 < ./aspCO.tmp  
'aspell' is not recognized as an external or internal command, operable  
program or batch file

each time you run it, the "aspCO.tmp" cheanges to "aspyT1.tmp", "aspK5.tmp"  
or something after the "asp"

On the php test code page, I have:

$spellercss = 'spellerStyle.css';
$word_win_src = 'wordWindow.js';
$textinputs = $_POST['textinputs']; # array
$aspell_prog = 'aspell';
$lang = 'en_US';
$aspell_opts = "-a --lang=$lang --encoding=utf-8";
$tempfiledir = "./";
$input_separator = "A";

I have no temp file set up and wonder if that's the cause - see the  
"$tempfiledir variable" above.  With little experience with setting up temp  
files, can you help me understand where I am going wrong?

Thanks for any help!  

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