AS/400, ODBC and PHP5

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Hey everyone

I'm trying to use php to extract data from an AS/400 system. The php
engine is running locally on my workstation(win2000) and I'm accessing
the DB2 database on the AS/400 system via ODBC from my workstation.

It worked in an previous installation using a dated version of php
(4.something.something,  can't remember), but since I upgrated to php5
my PEAR DB module tells me I can't connect.

After a little "googling" around i only found one little newsgroup  post
conserning this problem, but no solution. Acoording to that post: +odbc+as400&hl=en&lr=&

it is a problem in php.

Have any of you a better explenation / solution / workaround to this

I really one use php5 for this (simpleXML) so....


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