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I have a problem with the syntax for arrays.

First I define an array and assign 65 values to it from a mysql
database. Using print_r (array_values($arr_anmref)) I can see all the
values and they are correct so no problem there.

I then need to process the information from a form when the users
clicks ok. (This is to update the records based on if the user has
checked or unchecked a checkbox).

When the user presses the OK button they are taken to a new page where
I want to process the form and show the results of the processed

However in the code I need to use the values from the array but its
misfiring .

The array is now empty and

print_r (array_values($arr_anmref))

....shows nothing

I have tried adding session_start() at the top of both pages but to no

Any help greatly appreciated.

Garry Jones

Re: Array syntax

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 Data only gets passed from page to page either by putting it in an HTML form
that gets sent to the next page (or otherwise through query parameters in the
URL) where it shows up in $_GET or $_POST, cookies ($_COOKIE), or through

 If you want to pass a value over the session, you have to put it in the
$_SESSION array (after starting the session), and it'll then be available in
$_SESSION on the next page.

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Re: Array syntax

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Agreed, sessions is often the best method when you have to pass
arrays.  You can also use the serialize/unserialize to pass the array
with the POST method.

more information on how to accomplish the session method:

and the serialize/unserialize method:


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