array_search troubles

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I'm having trouble interpreting the return value of the array_search
function. I'll give an example of my code and the output.

Basically, I'm trying to figure out how to check that no match was
found but no matter what I try checking on the return value, my code
keeps telling me that a match was found.  I figured the array_search
is supposed to return the index key of the match so why can't I check
to see that the return value from array_search is >=0 and < the count
of the searched array?  As you can see from this example, that does
not work?  Any ideas of how to check the return value of

Here is the code:

   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][0] = 'CATNO';
   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][1] = 'FNAME';
   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][2] = 'MI';
   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][3] = 'LNAME';
   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][4] = 'PHONE';
   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][5] = 'EMAIL';
   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][6] = 'ADDR1';
   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][7] = 'ADDR2';
   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][8] = 'CITY';
   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][9] = 'STATE';
   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][10] = 'ZIP';
   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][11] = 'TITLE';
   $itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'][12] = 'DESC';



    foreach ($itemscols['COLUMN_NAME'] as $key)
      $retval = array_search($key,$keys);
      if ((int)$retval>=0) && (int)$retval<count($keys))
        echo "Found key $key!  $retval=$retval\n";
        echo "Did not find key $key!  $retval=$retval\n";

The output from the above script is:
array(1) {
  array(13) {
    string(5) "CATNO"
    string(5) "FNAME"
    string(2) "MI"
    string(5) "LNAME"
    string(5) "PHONE"
    string(5) "EMAIL"
    string(5) "ADDR1"
    string(5) "ADDR2"
    string(4) "CITY"
    string(5) "STATE"
    string(3) "ZIP"
    string(5) "TITLE"
    string(4) "DESC"
array(3) {
  string(5) "CATNO"
  string(5) "TITLE"
  string(5) "LNAME"
Found key CATNO!  $retval=0
Found key FNAME!  $retval=
Found key MI!  $retval=
Found key LNAME!  $retval=2
Found key PHONE!  $retval=
Found key EMAIL!  $retval=
Found key ADDR1!  $retval=
Found key ADDR2!  $retval=
Found key CITY!  $retval=
Found key STATE!  $retval=
Found key ZIP!  $retval=
Found key TITLE!  $retval=1
Found key DESC!  $retval=

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