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I have a code with following data format

$datay = array(
$p1 = new StockPlot($datay);

However, I want to change it to query format.
That is,

$sql_A = 'SELECT dtDateTime FROM  ~~  WHERE ~~~ ';
$sql_B = 'SELECT dtDateTime FROM  ~~  WHERE ~~~ ';
$sql_C = 'SELECT dtDateTime FROM  ~~  WHERE ~~~ ';

After executing $sql_A,B,C Query, I can get an data A,B,C ,

A = 34, 42, 27, 45
B = 55, 25, 14, 59
C = 38, 49, 32, 64

In that case, How can I write change the code?  Moreover, actually
length of A,B,C are all different.
Is it possible? Or should I change the StockPlot function?

Thank you!!!!

Re: array -> query

kirke wrote:
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Your question does not make very much sense to me, but I think you mean  
that you have some implicit structure in your array, that you should  
make explicit.

Something like

$datay = array(

But I may have misunderstood what you wanted.


Re: array -> query

I know my question is toooooo nonsense. Thx though :->

Colin Fine wrote:
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