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Hi all. I'm making a counter for my webpage, and I thought it would be
neat if it wouldn't count my own page requests. So I wrote this code below:

// Don't count requests from these addresses ('*' is permitted)
$exclude_ip = array(

// Get user IP
$user_ip = getenv("REMOTE_ADDR");

// Make a flag
$exclude_user = 0;

// For each IP in the array
foreach($exclude_ip as $ip)
     // If a wildcard is found
     if (strpos($ip, '*') > 0)
         // Get position for wildcard
         $w_pos = strpos($ip, '*');

         // Shorten the compare strings to the wildcard position
         $ip = substr($ip, 0, $w_pos - 1);
         $user_ip = substr($user_ip, 0, $w_pos - 1);

     // If an excluded IP is found
     if ($ip == $user_ip) $exclude_user = 1;

My current IP is, but the flag $exclude_user is still 0.
I hope someone can spot the error.


Re: Array problem

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I had the same idea and came up with a script that you might find
interesting.  You can download the complete code at - look for "Viscount"

Re: Array problem

deko wrote:
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Thanks deko. I'll have a look at your code. I found the problem now. Had
just worked on it for too long... :-)


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