Array and Search function

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I'm a new Php user.
I'm trying to use the array functions and would like to ask a suggestion, if  
I wrote the following sample code:

print(array_search("caio", $test));

It's a simple array with a command which searches the corresponding key for  
the string "caio".
As result I've 2 and not, as I thought 2, 3. Do you know is it possible to  
search all the keys associated to the string "caio"? I tried also the  
array_keys function but in this case the result has too much information.
I'd like to have as result only 2 and 3.
Pleace accept my apologies for the question and for the trouble.
Really many thanks for the possible suggestions.


Re: Array and Search function

Gi a écrit :
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You should use array_keys()

Laurent Duretz

Re: Array and Search function

Gi wrote:
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The function you need is array_intersect(). Example:


$search = array("caio");  
var_dump(array_intersect($test, $search));

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